Products delivery

Products delivery of the Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group to all areas of the country

the Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group, due to its many years of experience in the field of production and delivery of steel products, has sent all products at low cost to its respectful customers to solve the main problem of customers to choose a reliable low-cost freight service.
In order to satisfy customers and lower the cost of buying and delivery of products, the industrial group has added shipping services to its other services to ensure the delivery of its products to all areas of the country. The product is loaded and sent in the shortest possible time and usually on the same day of purchase so that the required products reach the respectful customers of the Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group as soon as possible. Delivery of products of the Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group to all provinces of Iran is possible with no volume and time limit.

Terms and conditions for return of goods:

      • Any technical problems in the product

     • Quality defects in products

     • Contradictions of the delivered product with the customer’s order

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