Aria Sahand Tabriz ready to offer special set of products
May 19, 2022
Introduction of Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group products / Oval steel products
July 19, 2022

Aria Sahand Tabriz receives six int’l standard certificates

The Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group has succeeded in obtaining six new international standard certifications, announce the managing director of the industrial group.

With the surveys carried out by international institutions and the approval of production processes in the industrial Group, the Aria Sahand Tabriz has received the standards of ISO 10002, ISO 10004, ISO 50001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 9001, Vahid Haml-Kari added.

The CEO of the group emphasized that the two international standards of ISO 10002 and ISO 10004 are related to the customer satisfaction of the company and due to the efforts made in the Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group to attract customer satisfaction and receive appropriate and review possible complaints to the industrial group.

“Paying attention to the high quality of products and attracting customer satisfaction, was included in the policy of the industrial group, since the beginning of activity,” he noted adding that receiving international standards in the field indicates the importance that we attach to the items mentioned in our production group.

In addition to the said two standards, the international standard ISO 50001 in the field of energy management and according to the policies of the industrial group in the field of optimal energy consumption has been awarded to the Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group, Haml-Kari said.

He said: “Previously, three standards namely the ISO14001 in the field of environmental protection and prevention of pollutants, the ISO45001 standard in the field of health and safety management and the ISO9001 in the field of product quality management system was received by the industrial group.

With the receiving of the ISO10004 for customer satisfaction, the ISO10002 for launching customer complaints management system and the ISO50001 for energy management, the number of international standard certifications awarded to the Aria Sahand Tabriz Industrial Group hit six certificates.

In the end,

Referring to the export of products of the group during the past Iranian year, Haml-Kari concluded: “Satisfaction of domestic customers along with the attention of foreign purchasers due to the quality of products such as pipes, boxes, profiles and steel ovals, indicates that the industrial group is moving in the true way of development.

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